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Hi! I’m Jennifer Halliday, the luxury lifestyle brand architect of many eponymus brands. I believe that in life, luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

I’m obsessed with finding creative ways to launch new brands, carving out product categories that don't exist, solving insanely challenging consumer puzzles and I absolutely love the thrill of cold-calling top brass executives with a powerful pitch.  This is why after over 25 years of experience in multiple industries, I continue to enjoy helping brands that want to define their niche and spread their wings to soar to success.

I’ve been a sales and marketing guru my whole life, and I have helped to market and promote a wide array of luxury, lifestyle brands.  My chameleon-like journey has made me adaptable to many industries from Beauty, Fashion and Fitness to Hospitality, Technology and Digital Publishing.  The most meaningful part of my work is helping others achieve their goals - there really is no better reward than to help bring a dream to life! 

Jetting around the world to work and engage with people from various cultures everywhere from Monaco, Barcelona, Fiji, Taipei and Rome to the good old USA from New York to Miami to Los Angeles and beyond, has equipped me with a phenomenal tool-kit to help brands find their point of differentiation and uniqueness.  

My career is all about empowering dreams, conjuring up magic, achieving goals and making sure everyone enjoys the ride!

- Jennifer